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We rent porta potties for events and construction projects in the greater San Antonio area.

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Portable Toilet Rental in San Antonio, TX

Are you planning to host a prestigious party in the outdoors? You probably have set everything right to welcome your guests. But wait, aren’t you missing something?

If you are hosting a party out in the open, what about washrooms? I am sure many of your guests will need them. How are you going to deal with that?

I know, a party amidst the nature is beautiful, and for you the venue is irreplaceable. But you have to find a way to provide washrooms to your guests, right?

Good news to you, cause you can rent portable toilets from porta-potty rentals. These toilets are movable and are specially made for events. So, people like you can host parties and make them feel most welcome at any event.

What is porta potty rental?

The porta potty rental is a portable toilet renting service. There are many situations where a moveable toilet is necessary for temporary activities in the location.

So, if you need toilets for a week, you can talk to San Antonio Porta Potty. They will discuss your situation and give you a portable toilet for a decent price.

Apart from that, you can consult with the representative of porta potty rentals. They can judge your situation and suggest how many toilets you need in your condition.

Why do I need a portable toilet?

There are many situations where a rentable mobile toilet is needed. Perhaps a common example is film shooting spots.

Of course, you want the beautiful sceneries in your film with mountains and waterfalls in the background. But it will be difficult to find such a location with an available toilet.

You have to keep in mind that you are going with your entire unit. So, one or two toilets will not be enough to support all the people.

In this type of situation, renting a movable toilet is your solution. However, this is not the only situation where a transportable toilet is necessary.

A construction site, an event at an isolated location, and many other conditions, where the movable toilet is required. Here is a list of events where you may hire movable toilets:

  • During a concert
  • Carnivals
  • Fairs
  • Corporate events
  • Fundraisers
  • Tournaments
  • Sports events
  • Temporary markets and trade shows, etc

Sometimes, they are in demand even if brick-built toilets available. After all, when there is an event in San Antonio, TX, it means there will be a sudden rush of people.

There should be enough toilets to serve people’s needs in the event, so a rental toilet is asked for in the location.

What is a portable toilet?

A moveable toilet is a toilet that can be easily moved from one place to another. It consists of a stall with a water closet, and a decent disposal system of the waste built in temporarily.

At first, anything that helps in disposing of waste and is transportable was considered a portable toilet. Over the years, toilets have developed to be cleaner and more efficient for taking care of business.

Along with traditional toilets, portable toilets also updated. The only difference between the two is, one is fixed in its position with a good disposal system that could run for years.

The other is made like a lightweight, movable stall. The disposal system is good but it can only be used for a temporary purpose, rather than the long term.

How many types of portable toilets are there in porta potty rental?

Now you know why transportable toilets are necessary. But do you think all portable toilets are the same? No, there are many types of moveable toilets developed with time.

You need to know which one is correct for your situation. At first, let us look at the types of transportable toilets.

Regular mobile toilet

They are cost-effective toilet stalls commonly used in most of the places. It contains the basic features of a movable toilet.

Construction and towable toilets

These are designed by porta-potties, especially for a construction site. It comes with wheels to make it easier to carry them.

Along with that, it contains hooks, so it can be attached to other movable vehicles for transportation.

Flushable and portable toilets

This is a bit more than the standard toilets. You can flush these toilets and maintain a hygienic environment.

Much preferable than the standard ones. Some flushable toilets also come with sinks, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc.

ADA complaint porta potties

These toilets are specially made for those who use a wheelchair or similar supports. You may keep a few depending on the total number of people you are serving.

Bathroom trailers

Even though portable toilets offer a lot, there is always someone who wants to pay for the best comfort. For them, the bathroom trailer is perfect.

It consists of running water, flushable toilet, mirror, baby changing station, soap dispenser, portable hand washing stations, and more. Basically, it contains anything you can ask for in a toilet, but with wheels that can be used to carry it anywhere.

Eco-friendly toilets

These are simply environmentally friendly moveable toilets. Everything that is used to dispose of the waste materials and friendly to the surroundings.

Do mobile toilets need maintenance?

Portable toilets are for temporary use. However, you need to keep in mind that the waste materials are building up inside the toilet.

If the event goes on for long, then it will need cleaning to keep going. In this case, you can contact the porta potty service.

When toilet cleaning is necessary, they bring a truck and attach it to the porta-potty. Then a vacuum pump is used to draw out the waste materials from the stall.

They will also provide you with chemicals that will refresh the toilet and make it as good as new. Along with the cleaning you will get chemical refilled in the stall. Keep in mind that each cleaning attempt is charged with additional costs.

What is the cost of renting a porta potty transportable toilet?

As you can see, there are many types of mobile toilets. If you rent them, many factors could affect the cost of renting porta-potties. Some factors are shared below:

  • How long are you planning to keep the portable toilets?
  • How many portable toilets are you going to hire?
  • What type of toilet are you going to rent?
  • Where does the moveable toilet need to be delivered?
  • How many times the mobile toilet needs to be cleaned?

Overall, these factors change how much you need to pay to porta potty for the transportable toilets. The standard movable toilets for a weekend can cost up to $150 to $200.

If you want flushable or better movable toilets than the price can go much higher.

How do I know which portable toilet is right for me to rent?

When you want to hire transportable toilets, you need to calculate and estimate the cost for them. For this, you need to determine how many toilets do you need.

However, don’t try to go cheap and hire 2 toilets where you need 5. It would mean your guests have to wait long for services. You paid to make your guest comfortable, but you will end up disturbing them and paying for it on the process.

At first, count how many people are going to be in your event. Experts suggest that you will need one toilet for every 50 people.

Similarly, you will need one hand wash station for every four toilets. Keep in mind, if you are organizing a public event, then you need to get at least one ADA compliant type.

On the other hand, if your event is much bigger, with lots of crowds, it is best to get one ADA compliant with every 20 standard toilets.

Another fact you need to consider for an even is what items are being served to the guests. If you are serving alcohol, then you need to increase the number of toilets by 15 percent.

Since it will raise the number of times people will use toilets, there should be enough to make your guests comfortable in the event.

Why select porta potty rental for portable toilet service?

One of the best reasons to select porta potty rentals is because they are experienced and have great customer service. They have working experience in many fields and have award-winning customer service.

Apart from that, they make sure to provide the best quality portable potties for your event. They have an 8 point service plan, which makes sure that you get the best products.

You will get fast delivery of movable toilets to your desired location within a day or two.

There is a large selection of transportable toilets to choose from. All you need to do is contact them for the service.

Porta-potty rental is one of the best known for its services. So, if you select them, you know you are getting the best.

Final words

You must have realized why portable toilets are important and under what circumstances. There are many other options to hire mobile toilets other than a porta potty.

You can find out about them and compare them to see which one you like. However, porta-potty has got the experience, which makes it more reliable than the rest.