Portable Hand Washing Station

portable wash station on the beachHolding events and meeting people indoors greatly increases the risk of airborne diseases caused by viruses, since the same air is circulated in the room. On the other hand, if the event is held outdoors, the hands are more likely to get dirty or contaminated with disease causing bacteria. The outdoor location where the event is being held is also not likely to have a bathroom, toilet and plumbing. The Center for disease control (CDC) has indicated that washing the hands regularly greatly reduces the chances of contamination by bacteria, viruses and other microbes. One convenient way to provide wash stations outdoors is by hiring portable wash stations for the event or other applications

These portable wash-stations can be used for a wide range of events like parties for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or to celebrate different events. They can also be used for outdoor entertainment events like plays, rock concerts, musical performances, magic shows, circuses, and other events. Specifically they are popular for events where catering is provided, since people want to ensure that their hands are clean before they handle the food. Flea markets, farmers markets , trade shows which are held for only a few days, will also find a wash station convenient. Construction sites will find that the wash station is appreciated by the workers.

Depending on the number and profile of the persons attending the event and the activities planned, one or more wash stations can be rented. The event organizer can get free advice from the wash station rental company on the approximate number of wash stations they will require, for the event after providing relevant information. For example, if families with more small children are likely to attend a party and food is being served, the hands will be washed frequently, so more wash stations will have to be rented. If the event is of short duration and no food is served, only one wash station may be adequate.

The wash stations are designed, so that users can easily, safely and quickly wash their hands conveniently. The wash station has a foot pump or foot pedal to activate the faucet, so that clean water for washing the hand flows. This ensures that the user does not have to touch the wash station with his dirty hand. Each wash station has a refillable tank for clean water, usually with a capacity of five liters. The tank capacity can be increased if required. There is also a separate tank for storing the dirty or grey water. When the grey water tank is full, the water can be drained away by connecting it to a flexible drain pipe.

It is possible to conveniently move the wash station to any location specified since they are mounted on trolleys with wheels. The wash station is also light weight, durable and does not get corroded since it is made from ABS plastic. It is easy to assemble the wash station at the outdoor location, following the instructions provided. If required, a liquid soap dispenser can also be included with each wash station. This dispenser may be manual or motion sensor activated.