Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

ada portable potty in a work yardPortable toilets are a staple of outdoor workplaces like construction areas and the like. But the thing is that despite their simplicity there’s’ much more to them that what you might assume at first. Their perks have made it so a wide variety of unique portable toilers or porta potty as they are commonly known have been developed. And so today we’ll take a look at one of the more convenient of them, and that is none other than the wheelchair accessible porta potty.

At its core the functioning of any chemical toilet is the same, so what changes between the different models comes down mostly to design. And as such the key differences in a wheelchair accessible porta potty are mostly those based around space. A wheelchair accessible restroom is in general larger; you can expect to see a larger cabin, up to 25 feet larger than the average model. This makes it so it’s easy for any person in a wheelchair to not only enter the toilet but also navigate it, which is one of the main concerns of this distinct model.

Of course at the end of the day space alone does not make for a wheelchair accessible toilet, and as such the 3 fixed walls in the portable restroom count with the standard design of hand grabs that is associated with bathrooms for wheelchair bound people. Each bar is fixed at a chair level and covers its entire wall meaning that as soon as any person enters they will have access to the bars and relocating to the toilet itself will be no issue at all.

Another important consideration that helps separate a wheelchair accessible moveable restroom from the traditional model is its altitude. Many classic chemical toilets count with a small step or other form of elevation, which logically would be an issue for this iteration. A wheelchair accessible potty instead lies completely at ground level fully designed to let any wheelchair enter it without the need of a ramp or external help. And to ensure maximum safety the floor is usually lined with non-slip liner, making them completely weather proof.

Of course at the end of the day a wheelchair accessible restroom is still a regular use bathroom. And choosing this style of portable restroom over the others has various advantages beyond just serving people in a wheelchair. The extended room size makes it great for parents who need to help their kids, or for general comfort. Picking a wheelchair accessible portable toilets gives you a lot of options, ensuring that not only you cover a vital part of the population but also give a comfortable toilet to anybody who might need to use it. And here at our San Antonio Porta Potty Rental we definitely believe that the comfort and wellbeing of all of your clients or workers goes first. So whether it is a wheelchair model or a regular one make sure to check in with us and find out the right kind of model for all of your needs.