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San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio is famous for several different reasons. There are a number of cool historical sights and modern destinations for both tourists and locals. While many may think of the Alamo when thinking of San Antonio, the river walk may be just as famous, if not more so. Whether you are looking for a bite to eat, a great place to shop, or even just to get a feel for the city. If you are in San Antonio, you do not want to miss the river walk!

The river walk is absolutely massive, sprawling for over 15 miles throughout the city. This means that wherever you are in San Antonio, the river walk is always close by. While a 15 mile walk seems daunting, there is another option! There are riverboats that are running constantly throughout the day, and you can get a guided tour of the river walk for a very reasonable price. Not only will you get to see more of the river walk than you could see on foot, but you get a cool rundown of the cities rich history as well.

The amount of shopping available on the river walk is a sight to be seen, with miles and miles of shops offering everything from souvenir stores to clothing stores. In addition to the myriad of shopping options, there are dozens of amazing restaurants here as well. Almost any food you want can be found, whether you are looking for authentic Tex-mex, American, Chinese, or something else entirely. The river walk is full of great shopping and great eating.

If you are more interested in the entertainment side of things, the river walk has you covered there as well. You can go see a movie at the movie theater, or go see a show at the comedy club. There is no shortage of places to go. Additionally, the river walk hosts events regularly throughout the year. These can include concerts, family events, shows, parades, or my personal favorite dining based events.

While the shopping, food, and entertainment are all valuable pieces of the river walk, they are not the only thing that makes it so special. It is the atmosphere and experience that makes the river walk so unique. Often times you can stop and watch a mariachi band playing on the other side of the river, or you can head up and see historic buildings littered throughout San Antonio. The atmosphere and ambiance lifts the whole experience up to become even more than the sum of its parts.

Regardless of the reason you find yourself in San Antonio, you should make time for the river walk. The experience is unlike anything else I have ever done, and is unique to the city of San Antonio. The mixture of great food, entertainment, views of the city, and shopping create such an amazing experience. There is nowhere else in the world quite like the San Antonio river walk. If you want to experience the magic of San Antonio, look no further.

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