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Witte Museum

The Amazing Witte Museum

One thing’s for sure, a visit to Witte Museum makes for an eye-opening experience you won’t soon forget. What makes me so sure? Well, for starters, you’d be hard-pressed to find a museum that can match Witte Museum for mind-blowing variety. At Witte Museum, you’ll find everything from dinosaur skeletons to indigenous rock art and pretty much everything else in between. The whole motley mix being dexterously tied together by an overarching focus on the Lone Star State.

Not only is there loads to see, but there’s also loads to do. Witte Museum also offers a plethora of educational programs that include hands-on workshops, riveting theater performances, and entertaining demonstrations.

With so much on offer, it’s plain to see why Witte Museum has been on the go since all the way back in 1926. And why, moreover, it’ll be on the go for a long while to come.

A Quick Trip Through Witte Museum’s Collection

The H-E-B Body Adventure exhibit spans no less than 4 floors; each of which is jam-packed with immersive hands-on experiences. As its name suggests, the Body Adventure section is all about imparting an understanding of the human body. To that end, you’ll find exhibits ranging from preserved cadavers to cooking demonstrations to bike-ride simulators.

The spacious South Texas Heritage Center, meanwhile, is a celebration of what else but South Texas’ rich history. Across the exhibit’s yawning 20,000 square feet you’ll find an extensive collection of historical artifacts. Each and every one of which has its own fascinating story to tell.

The Texas theme continues throughout. On one hand, you’ll find galleries devoted to the state’s ancient peoples and its ecological diversity. On the other, you’ll learn about Texas’ geology and about the time when dinosaurs ruled the Lone Star State. At each turn, the Witte Museum is never less than engrossing. The rich interleaving tapestry of topics creating a spellbinding overall impression.

Location & Transport

The museum’s setting is out of this world. The newly refurbished building is set amidst the leafy paradise of Brakenridge Park and hugs the meandering banks of the San Antonio River. The paradisiacal illusion is all too convincing. Although you’d swear you were a world away, San Antonio’s concrete jungle is actually close at hand. You mightn’t believe it but Witte Museum lies just north of San Antonio’s bustling downtown district.

What’s more, such close proximity to the city’s beating heart ensures that the museum is amply served by public transit. Indeed, getting to the museum from downtown is as easy as hopping on a bus. Routes 7,9,10,11 and 14 will all drop you off pretty much at the museum’s doorstep. If you’re coming from farther afield, that’s no problem either. Free parking is available at a nearby parking garage. From where, the museum is but a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Hours & Admission

Witte Museum is open 7 days a week. Between Monday and Saturday, the opening hours stretch from 10 am to 5 pm. On Sunday, the story is slightly different. The museum throws its doors open at noon instead of 10 am. Closing time remains 5 pm.

The entrance fee for adults (aged 12-64) is $14. Seniors and military personnel can expect to pay $13. Children aged 4-11 have to cough up $10. Young children, however, can enjoy the museum for free.

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